Why a Social Media Plan is Crucial

BeFunky DesignSocial Media is still thought of as a ‘side-job’ for most small businesses & small non-profit organizations. “A few posts here & there to FaceBook & we’ll get by” is a motto for some. What most small businesses & small non-profits don’t realize is that while you’re posts are getting likes; you’re missing out on some grand opportunities!

Having a social media plan means outlining your marketing goals. Each post, every reply to a comment on your page, has meaning, specifically designed to reaching your desired outcome.

Now, you might say we’re such a small business or non-profit that our FaceBook posts are good enough – why would we spend money on an online marketing plan? Our response is that by not investing in your online marketing strategy, you could actually be doing more harm than good by utilizing social media for your business.

We recently consulted with a small hair salon that has a high volume of current customers. They post randomly to FaceBook and they have one stylist who takes photographs here & there with her iPhone. Sometimes the photographs are blurry, sometimes the posts are left without a good description and some weeks go by without any posts – other times they’ll post 4-5 posts in one day. An existing customer wrote a poor review on their page & their response was less than courteous – they weren’t being intentionally rude, they just did not have time to investigate & respond accordingly. Their FaceBook approach is very typical but we felt it was doing more harm than good to reach new, potential customers.

P2270283In our review, if they worked within the guidelines of a marketing plan, their image online would be portrayed an accurate reflection of who they were. Consistency and planning posts to reach a desired outcome such as a holiday sale on hair color or a discount on a manicure when you purchase a pedicure are all part of a marketing plan that could be added to the photographs at the salon and/or professional photographs that we could take for them. If/when a new, potential customer has an issue, we would assist with how you can help them and how to ensure that your online reputation is managed positively.

It’s your social media image that improves your online reputation, opening the door so your existing customers can feel appreciated and your new customers will be delighted to purchase your services.

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