Services Offered

Bookkeeping Solutions:

We are QuickBooks Certified and have over 25 years of bookkeeping experience! We offer:

  • Weekly, Bi-Monthly, or Monthly up-to-date data-entry (or downloads) for all accounts
  • Monthly account reconciliations to statements
  • Job cost analysis – including help with estimates for contractors
  • Up-to-date financial reports
  • Budget creation and comparisons
  • Accounts payable/Accounts receivable
  • Cash flow analysis and projections
  • Debt payoff calculations including time frames for goals.
  • Initial QuickBooks set up and/or clean up – Transfer from Quicken to QuickBooks Pro or to QuickBooks Online.


QuickBooks in-classroom Training:

We offer QuickBooks Basics classes via Santa Rosa Junior College Community Education!

We’ll be teaching 4 upcoming classes via Santa Rosa Junior College Community Education courses offered Summer 2017! Interested in signing up to learn more about the basics? Here are the following registration links:

QuickBooks Basics – Desktop – Beginner (Petaluma)

QuickBooks Basics – Desktop – Beginner (Santa Rosa)

QuickBooks Basics – Desktop – Intermediate (Santa Rosa)

QuickBooks Basics – Online – Beginner (Santa Rosa)

Personalized/Customized QuickBooks Training:
Have you always wanted to learn more about QuickBooks so you can manage your bookkeeping on your own? Would you prefer to know more about QuickBooks to aid your employees to ensure data is properly entered for reporting purposes? Via the QuickBooks Pro-Advisor training academy, we have PowerPoint presentations and training materials directly from Intuit to suit your training solutions. We can even prepare a training event for multiple people and come to your office to work with you and your employees. We can also provide one on-one-training, to suit your level of learning. After you’ve been working on your own, if you need us, we’re a phone call away – free of charge! We want to help you succeed!

Financial Reports & Budgeting
Want someone knowledgeable to review your current QuickBooks file to evaluate your current bookkeeping system and help identify accurate reporting per IRS guidelines? If you prefer, we can help show you how to get more information out of your financial numbers by creating forecasts and budgets based on past information. We would love to quickly and easily create a system whereby you know your fixed and variable monthly expenses so you can know where you stand. We can set up reminders for bill payments so your bills are always paid on time.

Long Term and Short Term Business Goals & Strategic Planning
Want to set up a framework to build a foundation for your business goals? Have you wanted to start preparing for new employees, new equipment, better marketing strategies? Or maybe you just want to know where you stand so you can start saving money? We have a system to help you identify and implement where you can save money and how you can begin to grow your goals strategically. We can track the progress for you and send you helpful reminders to ensure you stay on track.

Payroll Solutions:

  • Simple and easy weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly payroll.
  • PTO Tracking.
  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance audits.
  • State and Federal quarterly reports, including annual reports and W-2s for employees.
  • Direct deposit for your employees.
  • Payroll cost margin calculations.

Do you need to start payroll or want to change your payroll service to a local, friendly provider who can ensure your custom needs, plans, tracking and payments are accomplished with efficiency and ease? We have several different solutions so that we can accommodate your individual needs. Payroll set up for new employees, tax EFT payments, PTO tracking, commissions, Workers Comp Insurance Audits, independent contractor vs. employee comparisons. We can help you decide and enable you to take on as much or as little responsibility with payroll as possible! Maybe you just want to investigate how much it would cost to hire 1 or 2 employees or the cost of adding yourself to payroll. We can run the figures to let you know the payroll costs including all liabilities.

Social Media Services:

Social Media marketing is crucial to bringing your business to life and online reputation management is key to growing your relationship with current customers while reaching out to new, potential growth.

For small businesses, Social Media management has typically been viewed as a ‘side-job’ with a few posts to FaceBook here & there. In today’s online business world, Social Media Marketing the top resource to advertising & promoting to your target market. 

Please give us a call at 707.953.0509 to see how we can help you reach your business goals!