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Why a Social Media Plan is Crucial

It’s your social media image that improves your online reputation, opening the door so your existing customers can feel appreciated and your new customers will be delighted to purchase your services.

How & Why the Class Function in QB is Useful

The class function in QuickBooks is one of my most favorite features. This simple additional step enables you to link your transactions to a specific event, department, donor, client, office, etc. You can then create reports to see how much you are spending per class. Why is this useful?

Bookkeeping Basics – What to ask your bookkeeper for

Just like we wouldn’t learn how to be a house painter if we hired someone to paint our home, we don’t necessarily need to become a bookkeeper to know our books. What we can do is identify key areas of reporting and ask our bookkeeper to provide these to us. These are the basics. Just like with the house painter, we would be able to physically see the work provided, bookkeeping via QuickBooks can be set up much in the same way.

Tools for Organizing Credit Card Receipts by Angelina Martin © 2014

Credit card receipts are those items of most daily nuisance and of greatest value during an audit. We need to keep any receipts related to business expenditures to prove to the IRS (or to the 990 Auditor for non-profits) that the business expenses are truthful.


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