About Us

Thank you so much reviewing the Small Business Solutions website. I sure hope you love what you do, because I do!

While I was growing up, my parents enjoyed many small businesses. I was always behind the scenes learning how to calculate profit margins even at the age of 10!

Some years later, I graduated from college with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration.  After working on my career in San Francisco, my parents asked me to take over their family business as it was in despair. I left my job and took over the marina, RV park and small store, while my parents moved on to their next adventure.  I had the property appraised and it was well under the value the mortgage. Every month their business was deeper in the red. I set a goal for myself, my first business goal – to turn the three businesses around and sell – so my parents could then retire and I could move on to other adventures as well!

It was hard work and I still had to find time to take care of the bookkeeping as it was only through countless hours of bookkeeping and studying the business financials (through QuickBooks) that I was able to determine each new step toward reaching my goal.

I was able to sell the property in 3.5 years for over a million dollars and my parents were able to buy a unique retirement property overlooking a beautiful lake.  It was truly an amazing experience.

I realized then that through bookkeeping and business consulting I could find a way to help others reach their goals and bring their business ideas to life! I started my own bookkeeping service and then created Small Business Solutions LLC.

I have since gone back to school and received an Associates Degree in Computer Networking. And professional certificates for Graphic Design and Social Media Management.

When not working on social media consulting projects for animal organizations, or bookkeeping for several businesses, you’ll find me out on the water windsurfing, volunteering to walk dogs at local shelters, or helping our community learn more about QuickBooks via classes at SRJC (community education).